Secrets of Successful Commercial Property Managers: Tips From Industry Experts

Secrets of Successful Commercial Property Managers: Tips From Industry Experts

Investing in commercial property can be an extremely profitable venture. Although many commercial properties cost more upfront, they can generate higher cash flows due to the demand from businesses looking for great locations. And with 90% of companies with commercial space planning to return to the office by the end of 2024, there may be great opportunities in the future.

But managing commercial properties takes a lot of work. Without experienced commercial property managers, you may struggle to keep things running. Let's look at how successful property managers take care of commercial buildings.

Understanding Market Trends

Trends shape the commercial real estate market each year. There may be more demand for certain types of real estate one year, which leads to investment in certain types of property, and other trends may cause that demand to dry up. For example, the COVID pandemic led to work-from-home situations that made it harder to rent commercial property.

Commercial property managers understand these trends. This understanding will help them deliver better results to property owners.

Great Tenant Screening

Tenant selection is the first step to running a successful commercial property. Although a business may seem great on paper, there may be red flags you don't see if you don't have a great tenant screening process.

Property managers have tenant screening systems in place to avoid hassles. They ensure the tenants they bring on will pay on time and not cause issues with the property.

Good Maintenance Plan

You may struggle to keep everything running if you have a large property portfolio. You need a maintenance schedule and be on call when things go wrong.

Commercial managers work with experienced maintenance professionals to ensure everything stays running and property compliance is taken care of. They will handle the vendor management and calls to keep everyone happy.

Financially Savy Team

You need great accounting to run a commercial property. In many cases, you're dealing with large buildings, so there may be more complexity than with traditional residential properties.

Many commercial property managers offer financial services to help with your books. You can rely on them to track every inflow and outflow a property generates to have accurate books that show a complete picture of your commercial rental's profitability.

Targeted Marketing Strategies

Vetting tenants isn't the only challenge for many commercial properties. You must also attract tenants by putting your property on the market and making it appealing to renters.

Whether you need retail vacancy marketing or have industrial buildings, commercial managers will properly market each type of building to attract the right tenants. This means you'll have fewer vacant properties and won't lose money due to vacant properties.

Professional Commercial Property Managers Make a Difference

Experienced commercial property managers bring a lot to the table. They understand how to find tenants, ensure they're happy, and get payments on time for property owners. The above is only a small sample of the value commercial managers bring to building operations, so be sure you investigate using one for your commercial real estate.

Are you ready to hire an experienced property manager? Our team at PMI US Southwest has financial, tenant, and management services available to real estate owners. Reach out to our team to hear more about what we offer and how we can help.